spring of blue and green and white

dress: thifted, vest: gifted, boots: general pants, bag:sportgirl

Sunny day, day off, and spring showed up "finally". wore a dress to obviously celebrate the moment and it was good. Im thinking of seriously culling my wardrobe coz I have aquired way tooo many things a.k.a ive turned into a hoarder

Has anyone had to do that, where do you start and what do you do with the stuff. Ive been thinking for a while to start an etsy and sell them for $10 and give the money to charity. Will try and see how far that gets.

Anyway its late and the sun is still shining, Loving spring

Lydz xX


the dress

dress: amilita, shoes+ bag: sportsgirl, rings: markets

Everyone loves a good dress, my faves at the moment are the sheer maxi or anything with a tail. I love this one coz it has everything i love... lace,  tail, colour its perfect. patiently waiting for spring to come and stop being a tease but apart from being knee deep in busy, life couldnt be better. 

Hope all is well for everyone else. 

Lydz xX



I have found my summer staple. I love anything sheer and when done well it is a awesome fabric.When the warm weather decides to finally roll in I will live in my large assortment of sheer skirts.

For now, still having some confused "winter supposed to be spring" weather, and for a layer lover thats good to me. Hope everyone is doing good

Lydz xX


Delayed ComeBack

                              There is Never a right time to do anything but NOW...
Been contemplating getting back into my normal blogging habit for a while now  
        But somehow there is ALWAYS something to do, or somewhere to Be or some other excuse. Apologies for neglecting you baby,  and thank you SO to dear blogger girlfriends who encouraged me to come back from hiding. I love taking pictures and wearing weird and pretty things and I like  little space in the bloggosphere.
                                             I might not get to do it full time, but I'm committed to doing it never the less.

                                                                   CheeRz to Spring and New Beginnings
                                                                                                     Lydz xX



Its a shame when work and life and all the other boring aspects of being a grown up takeover to the point of consuming the things you love. Yes, school on my mind and thats the only work I have been maintaining.
Miss having lots of time to sit for hours on the computer and oogle away at hundreds of blogs without a care in the world.

"I shall b back"

Lydz xX


rain swept days

wearing:jeans-cottonon, blazers-vintage(thrifted), booties-general pants, jewels-sportsgirl/markets, bag-sportsgirl

Beautiful Sydney has been engulfed in water the past days which is fine if you are a big time lover of rain. Personally I do better in the sun, but a little water never hurt anyone yet.

Im going to say this again...I love layers. Summer is for yummy weather and winter is for layers. 
I have been wearing soo much at once with no regrets and it isn't even winter yet :)

Sorry for the many no shows on here, just have alot of school and assignments that are consuming my time but peace will soon be restored.

Have an amazing day.
Im going to hunt for gold now that my work is done.

Lydz xX


wooded hikers

wearing:blazer-thrifted, flanno-quiksilver, jeans-cotton on, booties-jimilovesmimi, bag- collete, scarf-roxy, raybans

Wow feels great to be back here.
Have been having some issues with my mac so I spent lots of time giving it some much needed love and now all is well.
I realised having so much time off that this is my little private place to vent and to express and to just be whatever I need to be.
I'm grateful for the appreciation and encouragement. 

This was the last full sunny day I can remember before the heavens opened up, and its been pouring since. I love button up shirts, men's preferable. This is one of my favourite coz it is flanno,  and is extra big and a blast of colour. Went to play around among the trees and It was fun ;) 

Have a great day lovely ones
Lydz xX

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